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Pardison Fontaine Net Worth (2021): Girlfriend, Height, Age, Ethnicity.

Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine Net Worth: Pardi was college basketball player but now a famous ghost writer and rapper. Pardi has written for blockbuster artists such as Cardi B & Kanye West. Pardison Fontaine’s net worth is more than $500,000.


Early Life

Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine , Jordan Thorpe, was born on December 29, 1989 from Newburgh, New York. Pardi, 31 years old, was a college basketball player in college days who turned into a ghost writer & rapper for many celebrities and show business personnel.



Career & Net Worth Contribution

Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine, between his social media and Instagram, has over half a million followers and over 15,000 twitter followers. Pardison’s social media accounts and internet influence is well over $500,000.

Pardi Fontaine, on Youtube alone has over 220+ million views & 350,000 subscribers could be valued well over 6 figures alone.  For instance, at approximately $8,000 per video on YouTube, with over 45 videos, his YouTube influence alone has a value of over half a million dollars.



Not only has he written other celebrities hit songs, Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine released his own songs. Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine’s hit debut singles such as “Oyyy” had “viral and radio” success as noted in his YouTube Channel. The single was featured on multiple media platforms such as MTV Jams, Hot 97 and Power 105. Pardi also benefited from his singles with Busta Rhymes and Fabolous – “Woooa” and “Hooporeerap”.

Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine’s ghost-writing and his own personal releases has contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

In addition, Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine net worth has significantly skyrocketed and largely influenced by being in a relationship with Megan Thee Stallion, who alone has 20 million followers a net worth of $3-5 million. Megan Thee Stallion announced her relationship with Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine on 2/19/2021 during an Instagram live stream.

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Pardison Fontaine’s Net Worth: $500,000

On Valentine’s Day alone, Fontaine flexed his wealth by offering a massive surprise for Megan Thee Stallion. He ordered a private jet, decorated with expensive floral arrangements. This flex reveals that his net worth is much greater than $100,000. Pardison Fontaine’s revenue from his hit singles, as well as ghost-writing efforts for major celebrities, and his social media influence contributes greatly to his net worth. Pardison Fontaine’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000.


[Images via Pardison Fontaine/Instagram]